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Micrologica Systems Limited

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Micrologica Systems provides a wide range of software development and support services, specialising in the supply of quality software for the small to medium enterprise based on the Windows™ platform. Our software is written in the object-oriented Delphi language and we support SQL-Server, MySQL, Sybase, Paradox and Nexus database systems.

We also specialise in supporting and extending (or migrating) legacy systems where the original developer is unwilling or unable.


Database design and development is an area in which we have extensive experience covering a multitude of business and not-for-profit sectors.  


We also provide training for our own systems and for other developers and third-parties. Our instructor-led learning is arguably the fastest and most effective method since it is highly interactive and the instructor can identify and adapt to issues as they arise.

About Us

Micrologica Systems has been providing consultancy, bespoke software development and training for over 30 years. Based in Angus, Scotland and in the City of York we are proud to have been in business since 1979. Our consultants and developers take pride in the level and quality of support we provide, and our trainers  are experienced developers  as well as qualified and experienced educators.

We are still guided by our original values: a commitment to product quality, customer service and business integrity.


We are based in Angus and in York. Our consultants visit our clients nationwide and in Europe and we are able to support our clients via remote access on the net. Software development is largely carried out at our Scottish location, though we can offer on-site personnel where this is needed. We deliver our training courses at high quality, tranquil and supportive venues in the medieval city of York.


Why Us?

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We strive to produce effective systems that meet the real requirements of our clients, so we listen to you, we focus on your needs, explain how we can meet them through appropriate technology, and implement the solution to the highest standards. We offer cost-effective solutions that will meet your expectations, whether this be in systems development or training.  



Our experience of assisting businesses, both large and small, has built-up a significant wealth of technical and commercial knowledge and skills. We use tried and tested development tools while keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and approaches. Training course materials are developed in-house and we are able to provide bespoke courses for clients after appropriate assessment of their requirements. Micrologica Systems can provide consultancy, project management and software development services, please see our services website.